[Super Watch] HANLIN-WBTX22 Side Button Rotating Headphone Watch 2-in-1
#Sports Mode/Message Notification/Heart Rate Monitoring/Blood Oxygen Reference #health management #exercise #blood oxygen

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Q1. Why can’t I connect to the APP all the time? How to connect to the Bluetooth of the watch correctly?
Answer: You must use the APP to connect to the Bluetooth of the watch. Please use the "Connect Device" in the App to press the search button, and WBTX22_watch will appear, then connect it!
Do not directly connect to the Bluetooth WBTX22_watch with your mobile phone, as this will cause the app to fail to connect!
If you have accidentally connected directly with your mobile phone, please "forget this device WBTX22_watch" to cancel it!
Then re-use the APP to connect the device to bind and search for Bluetooth!
Note: The location of the mobile phone must be turned on, and the installation of the app must agree to allow the program content to avoid being blocked and unable to operate!

Q2. How does the Bluetooth part of the headset connect to the mobile phone?
Answer: Please unplug all devices that are connected to the headset first~~
         Then turn on the bluetooth on the mobile phone and directly connect to WBTX22_audio, no need to connect through the app

Q3. Both ears are not paired simultaneously? Only one earphone has sound?
Answer: Possible reasons: Is the earphone out of battery? Or the original settings are lost~
The earphones are disconnected from the Bluetooth first, and any Bluetooth that has been connected is released.
Then re-pair the two headphones: (operate in an environment where there are no other WBTX22 nearby)
1. When the two earphones are turned off (long press to turn off) the light is completely off (voice prompt to turn off)
2. Press and hold the two earphones at the same time to turn on and hold for ~10 seconds, then release the earphones, and the earphones will automatically re-pair with each other
    (Note that the long press time should be long enough!! Please look at the second hand of the clock and press)

Q4. Why is there no count after turning on the pedometer function?
Answer: Please try to be in the same state as when walking normally, with your hands swinging.
The pedometer value will jump a value directly after being recorded, and will not jump a value for every step.

Q5. Why is there no notification in the communication software watch? For example WeChat, LINE, etc.?
1. Please confirm the settings in the mobile phone first. Whether the communication software has enabled the "notification function"
"Receive New Messages" and "Show Preview", "Show Message Details", "Receive Voice Call Invitations", etc., all open!
2. Whether the watch is connected to the mobile APP device via Bluetooth, and the corresponding software receiving function in the APP is turned on
3. The communication software cannot be logged in from other places, such as: computer (this will cause the watch to not notify!)
4. When the watch is on the screen ~ any message will not jump out of the notification

Q6. The headset cannot be charged?
1. Please confirm whether the contact point of the earphone is copper on the top (golden concave point)
2. Clean the dirt on the copper of the headphone contact point (golden concave point)
3. Are the 4 charging pins in the watch rebounding normally? (golden needle)

Q7. Why is the APP only available in English after downloading?
Answer: The APP is different according to the language of the region where the mobile phone is located~ But if the Android version is too low, there will only be an English version after downloading~ Please update to the latest version 10 or above and there will be a Chinese version~

Q8. Why will the headset automatically shut down when it is not in use?
Answer: Because the headset automatically enters the power saving mode~ If it is not used for about 5 minutes, it will automatically enter the shutdown~
If the headset is not used for a long time, it will be in the state of being searched, which will consume a lot of power~
It is recommended to put it in the watch when not in use~ It is very convenient to take it out and it will automatically turn on!

Q9. Why is the Android phone connected to the APP, and after turning off the Bluetooth, and then turning on the Bluetooth, the APP does not automatically connect to the watch?
Answer: Please update the Android version to the latest first, second-tier brand mobile phones may not be supported, and then please let us know, and ask engineers to find a way to fix it in the future.

Q10. Why does the watch automatically change to English if the watch is disconnected from the APP after it is connected to traditional Chinese?
Answer: Check whether the two watches are bound to the same APP. Please check if the bluetooth address is different?

Q.11. Why is the weather function not displayed on the watch? or inaccurate
Answer: 1. Please check whether the positioning of the mobile phone is turned on~
      2. Locate whether there is an authorized APP~
      3. Please go outdoors~ use the app to connect the watch to Bluetooth again~ the watch will automatically update synchronously (because it may not be able to locate indoors)
For the weather function, please be sure to connect the watch with the app outdoors, because the watch synchronizes weather data based on the location of the app.
     4. Check if there is the latest app, re-download and update the app
     5. Unbind, close the app, reopen the app and re-pair the watch
Note: The temperature is different according to the region, there will be a little error, which is normal

Q12. How to switch between Chinese/English voice prompts in the earphone?
Answer: After the headset is turned on, it is in the Bluetooth pairing mode (not connected to the mobile phone, turn off the Bluetooth of the mobile phone)
(Voice prompt: pairing) "Press the headset 4 times" to switch the prompt voice in the headset (the voice will prompt Chinese/English if the switch is successful)

Q13. What are the basic touch functions of the headset? Can the watch and the headset control the volume of the phone?
Answer: Neither the earphone nor the watch can control the volume of the phone! Thank you for your understanding~
Headset Press 2 times to answer/hang up the call
Left earphone press 3 times (previous song) / Right earphone press 3 times (previous song)
Other more detailed functions of the headset >>

Q14. The music on the watch is the smallest, but it still feels very loud?
Answer: Because the number of levels to adjust the volume of the watch is relatively small, the volume can only be evenly distributed according to the above levels. This is the limit of the levels, please forgive me.
(The volume of the watch is only 7 bars, and the average bar is 14.3% volume)
(The volume of Apple mobile phones has 16 bars, and the average volume is 6.25% volume)

Q15. How to adjust the watch language?
A: After the watch is connected to the app, it will automatically synchronize the language of the app, traditional or English,
In the language setting of the watch, you can choose English/Traditional, and then turn off the synchronization to fix the language.

Q16. Garbled characters appear on the watch?
Answer: First cancel the Bluetooth connection of the App, restore the watch to the original factory, turn off the watch, and then turn it on again
Then reconnect to the APP "Device Connection", set the language on the watch "Close Synchronization"
If you still can't solve it, please contact customer service

Q17. Is the power consumption of the watch abnormal? Detection method?

Because the power displayed on the app is a virtual power, it is not very accurate.

Hello, each person's frequency of use is different, so the length of time each person uses the watch is different.

If the watch itself has many messages, long screen brightness, vibration reminders, etc., these are all power consumption factors.

For example: Some people also use Apple mobile phones, some people have no power for 1 day, and some people have no power for 3-4 days.

If you want to fully measure the basic power consumption of pure watches, is it abnormal?

Please operate as follows: (the actual measurement is more accurate if there are no external factors)

1. Without earphones installed and the watch is not connected to Bluetooth

2. After the watch is fully charged and turned on, no matter how much power is displayed, the actual number of days of use is 8-12 days according to the actual measurement of the factory.

Tips for operating the watch:

1. How to turn the wrist to turn on the screen? First open the APP "Raise the Wrist to Brighten the Screen" and then follow the video operation
>> Please watch the video <<

Q1. When should the watch be restored to its original factory?
1. Too many different settings have been set and want to return to the original settings.
2. After confirming the operation according to the "Function FAQ", the watch still does not respond.

General Product Questions:

Q1. About the power of the watch? Watch battery life? Headphone battery life?
1. When the earphones are picked up, the full power of the watch is 300mah. If the watch is only used without other devices and no other external factors, regardless of the displayed power, the measured battery life is about 8-12 days after powering on (depending on the usage) The rate is different) If you have used a smart watch, I believe it has a long battery life.

2. If you use earphones, the earphones can be used for about 3 and a half hours at a time. The watch has a charging compartment function, which can charge the earphones about 2-3 times. Because it is a composite function, if the watch helps the earphones to charge, it will naturally consume the power in the watch. Generally speaking, the power of the watch is enough for a day's needs!
You can imagine that if you use your mobile phone more often, you will only need to charge it once a day.

Q2. Can the watch answer the phone directly? Is there a built-in GPS to record running speed and path?
1. The watch itself cannot answer the phone directly. But after the headset is connected to the Bluetooth of the mobile phone, you can answer the call by taking out the headset and connecting it instantly.
2. The watch itself does not have GPS, but after connecting to the mobile phone, the GPS of the mobile phone can be used to record the speed and path

Q3. Is it waterproof? Can I take a bath with it? Can I take it for swimming?
Answer: It is waterproof, but do not take a bath with it, because there will be water vapor in a hot bath, and the temperature difference may cause fog inside the surface. In addition, it is not recommended to take it for swimming because there will be water pressure that may cause water to enter for a long time.
The waterproof level is as follows~
Watches and earphones are waterproof I67 grade, as long as they are used normally, it is not a problem to live waterproof, mountaineering and rain!

Q4. Is there an Easy Card payment function? Are there other styles of straps?
Answer: You can buy a 22mm wide strap with EasyCard on the market to replace the EasyCard function. Because the strap is an accessory, there are already many styles on the market. As long as the width meets the 22mm strap, you can replace it yourself. .

Q5. Is the function of detecting heart rate and blood oxygen accurate?
Answer: Because (this product belongs to non-medical equipment), all measurement data are only for daily health management reference, and no medical data!!

Q6. Is this a medical device? Do I need to apply?
Answer: This product is a non-medical device!! The laws and regulations on wearable devices have been loosened. Heart rate detection and blood oxygen detection are not considered medical materials.
The Food and Drug Administration has relaxed the regulations on 2020/12/24, and medical software such as heart rate measurement and blood oxygen products for the daily health management of ordinary people,
Excluded from the scope of medical equipment management. As long as the original manufacturer is not declared to be used for medical diagnosis, it can be regarded as a health promotion product, and there is no need to apply to the Food and Drug Administration.
Reference news: https://www.cna.com.tw/news/ahel/202012240207.aspx

Q7. Is there a suitable protective sticker?
Answer: Currently there is no fully suitable 1.9-inch protective sticker. We can only find the 44-45mm flat protective sticker for the Apple Watch on the market~ We are already preparing to produce a suitable protective sticker and then you can buy it on our official website

Q9. How to distinguish left and right ears?
A: There will be a voice prompt in the headset after pairing. Generally take it out and use it regardless of the left and right ears

Q10. Can the broken screen be repaired? Can I buy another earphone if I lose it?
Answer: 1. Because the watch and the screen are pressed and glued together, we offer 1580 yuan~single replacement of the watch head, old for new (please contact customer service)
              2. Because the earphones are a pair of two ~ can not be disassembled ~ the price of a pair is 1380 yuan (a pair of earphones)

Q11. Can the suction charging cable be used on the market?
Answer: No~ Please buy the original factory cable provided by HANLIN to avoid burning the watch due to uncommon positive and negative electrodes on the market!