HANLIN-CAR360 innovative 360-degree panoramic driving recorder

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If Android 12 can't open the app for the time being, please forgive me. Engineers are working hard to repair it. Updates will be uploaded after repair.

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Introduction to Operation Video for PC Version


General functional issues:

Q1. How to download video recording with mobile phone?

Answer: After the machine is connected, select the video you want to save in the video recorder and click "Long Press", and then click Download. After downloading, it will be saved in the photo album in the app and in the phone ~

"Click to watch the teaching film"

Q2. How to view the video downloaded by mobile phone?

Answer: After opening the app, do not connect. There is "Photo Album" in the lower left corner. After clicking "Photo Album", you can view the download record and use the panoramic screen function to view ~

Note: The album button must be in the disconnected mode.

"Click to watch the teaching film"

Q3. Why can't I use the panorama function to view the movie after downloading it to the computer?

A: If the recorded video in the memory card is output to the computer, you can only view the spherical movie ~

To see multiple perspectives, download the Dedicated PC Player

Q4. Why is there a feeling of stuttering when the mobile phone plays back? (Walk for 2 seconds, stop for 2 seconds ~ the picture is not smooth)

Answer: WIFI playback is designed for temporary viewing. However, because the 4K video file is too large, it is normal for wifi to stutter during playback (the reason for the pause is that it is in the buffer download). This is caused by the reason that the CPU processing speed can not keep up. It is recommended to pull out the memory card and use the computer to download and watch faster.

Another way to make the picture smoother:

Pull the playback timeline back, and it will become 0.1 seconds to go and 0.1 seconds to stop, and the vision will look much smoother (but the sound will be broken).

This method is for the convenience of viewing the current image. To play back the movie completely and smoothly, please pull out the memory card and use the computer to download it.

Now we have an upgrade that can make mobile downloads 5 times faster.

> > Download FWX215.bin file upgrade < <

CAR360 update mobile phone download video 5 times faster program

Upgrade and update operation process

1. Find a blank memory card and format it.

2. Copy the FWX215.bin file to the memory card

3. Then insert the memory card into the machine ~ auto upgrade (light flashes)

4. After waiting for the upgrade to succeed, the machine is automatically rebooted

5. Remove the memory card after upgrading and delete the FWX215.bin file

Note: Do not power off during the update process!! Power failure will cause the machine program to disappear and can not be restored!

Q5. Can the computer version watch the switching screen from various angles?

Click me to download > > PC version dedicated playback software download < <

A: You can download it through a dedicated player program and then > > open the folder file.

Q6. How to restore unsaved files after power failure?

Answer: Because it is written in seconds, shooting one second is archived one second.

In the event of an accident, if the video is less than 3 minutes old immediately after the power is cut off, you only need to power on the machine again to restore the current video before the power is cut off.

Q7. Why can't the machine connect to wifi all the time?


1. Please check whether the wifi password 12345678 is entered incorrectly when pairing!

2. If the password is not entered incorrectly, take out the memory card first, then turn on the machine, re-pair to see if it is connected, and then insert the memory card.

In the software, format the memory card.

3. If the memory card is inserted, it will not be able to connect. Please change the memory card to the computer format (Fat format) and try again.

If it still doesn't work, please make sure to check whether the memory card is genuine or not. Replace the genuine memory card with at least C10 memory card (because there are many cheap counterfeit memory cards with poor quality).

The reason is that there are other file programs inside the memory card or the card speed is not enough to cause the machine to be unable to recognize, resulting in the failure of normal boot video recording. It is necessary to format the memory card and then use it for testing.

Q8. Why doesn't the lens look 360 degrees?

A: Please turn the lens downward first, and then fine-tune the position!

(Because this is a 360-degree fish lens, it is wrong to look forward.)

Q9. Why can't I see the infrared lens?

A: The infrared light is hidden around the side of the lens. If the function is not activated, you can't see it.

When the step-down line is used, the infrared light is only activated during parking monitoring!

Q10. How to install the step-down line?

Answer: Look for general car factory master to be able to install, correct line.

(The yellow one is connected to the electric fuse box, the red one is connected to the ACC fuse box, and the black one is grounded)

After it is connected correctly, the recorder will have a prompt tone to start the monitoring mode after it is turned off. Please adjust the angle of view of the lens.

Q11. Why is the normal picture completely black?

Answer: Please check whether the light source frequency is 50 ~ ~ ~ Please adjust to 50 to get a normal picture (do not adjust to 60)

Q12. Why can't I open the app after downloading?

A: If Android 12 cannot open the app for the time being, please forgive me. Engineers are working hard to repair it. Updates will be uploaded after the repair.

Q13. Why is the parking surveillance only recorded for a few minutes?

Answer: The first is to check whether the machine is still working after parking and turning off the engine

Generally, after the car is turned off, the driving recorder will have a voice prompt to switch to the monitoring mode.

If there is a voice prompt, it is normal. Please turn off the engine and wait in the car for about five minutes to see if the machine will shut down.

If there is no voice prompt: it is not switched to the monitoring mode, it may be that the step-down line is connected to the wrong line.

Another possible reason: it may be the low voltage of the battery, and the step-down line plays a protective role, so that the battery can be fully charged after the car is running.

Q14. How to check whether the step-down line is connected to the long-term power supply?

Answer: The step-down line of the car itself should have electricity all the time. Would you please try it?

After unplugging the Android plug of the driving recorder, plug it into other products to check, such as charging mobile power, or Android mobile phones.

Is it the same after parking and turning off the engine that the power supply is completely cut off after about 2 minutes? If so, it means that the line is connected incorrectly!

If the line is connected incorrectly, there will be a delay of 90 seconds before the power is cut off

The installation master confirms whether the line is connected correctly?

Correct connection of step-down line:

The yellow wire is connected to the electric fuse box of the vehicle.

The red wire is connected to the vehicle ACC fuse box.

The black wire is connected to the grounding wire (namely the grounding wire)


Product FAQ:

1. Is there a rear lens?

Answer: There is no rear lens, because the main appeal of this section is to avoid professionals to install, CAR360 is mainly a single lens can achieve the effect of monitoring inside and outside the car!

Because the rear lens needs to be installed by professionals, it is not supported by our version at present, but there will be a plus model in the future, which can be reconsidered for professionals to install and use ~

2. Is it easy to install?

A: It's very simple! Installation can be completed in 30 seconds

Three steps 1. Sticky Host 2. Connected to the host 3. Power plug USB hole

Remarks: If the step-down line is used, you need to find another professional to install it.

3. Is it waterproof? Can the locomotive be used?

Answer: There is no waterproof, this is dedicated to the car oh, dedicated to the locomotive has not yet been developed, the future efforts!

4. Do you need Internet? How to watch the driving recorder on the mobile phone?

A: You don't need the Internet, because the car360 recorder itself will transmit a wifi signal (no Internet access). After the phone is connected and paired, you can use the APP to open it and watch the operation.

5. Can it be viewed remotely as a monitor?

A: Because the recorder itself does not support the network, it cannot be viewed remotely. If the phone is too far away from the machine, it cannot be seen.

6. Can I correct the time automatically? Is there a GPS function? Is there a speed camera reminder?


1. The machine has a built-in memory time battery, the time will be accurate, and as long as the App is connected, it will automatically correct!

2. There is no GPS positioning, so the original design of the machine has no positioning function.

3. There is no speed camera reminder, because many free apps now have this function.

7. Is there a function of saving TS code stream when power is off?

A: Yes, it is written in seconds, and every second of shooting is archived.

In the event of an accident, if the video is less than 3 minutes old immediately after the power is cut off, you only need to power on the machine again to restore the current video before the power is cut off.

Scope of application:

Commuter/General Household/Driver/Student

Product Specifications:

Model: CAR360
Chip: Lianyong chip
Sensor: SONY chip
Lens: 6G/1R/230 degree 360 degree panorama
File format: MP4
Video resolution: 2160P
Video recording format: H.264
Loop Video: Support
On-board switch: start the vehicle at the time of departure, and record the video at the time of flameout
Monitoring mode: automatic shutdown in 48 hours without operation
Time watermark: can be connected to APP for automatic synchronization
Support system: Android or IOS
Product size: approx. L87 X W34 X H64mm
Memory card: TF card (up to 128G)
Auto Gravity Lock: Support
Microphone: Support
Built-in speaker: support
Working temperature: minus 40-80 degrees
Power supply: vehicle charger
Charging format: Micro USB interface
Battery specification: button battery LIR2032

NCC Approval No.: CCAP21LP1310T1
BSMI Approval No: R39542/ROHS